Who am I ?

I have worked in Aboriginal Communities over the past 8 years.  I have run dozens of media workshops and realised that there is a need distribute local messages and improve local and regional communication in most Aboriginal communities.

For the first time technology is cheap enough to allow every key public area to offer free and relevant media.  I have spent the last Three years developing and testing this device to ensure that it is reliable, user friendly and simple to setup.

Roy Smith
Creator of Media Hub

I have 20 years experience in Education, Media & Technology and have bet the farm that this device can save lives.


Engaging young Aboriginal people made me realise that the easiest solved cause for disengagement and self harm is boredom.


Smart phones can now help people empower their local culture and can be an excellent tool for diversion or to revive languages. There is so much media gathering dust or only accessible to people with an internet connection.

Have a look at my showreel for some examples of media that can be shown.