Offering Media Hub Space to Bands, the Language Centre, Art Centre and other stakeholders, the Media Hub will be positioned in a key area with a poster directing people to connect dowload files. This is the first community were artists will have the opportunity to earn money by selling music and other media.


Stakeholders in Numbulwar will now  be able to get their message out and offer education and cultural advancement opportunities.

Key areas are currently being considered including the council office, shops and training centre. The unit will be fully managed by a local administrator who ensures the files offered meet community requirements.

Beswick - Wugularr

Offering diversion media the Media hub at Wugularr is set to offer engaging alternatives to boredom. Hours of free music and programming will be offered for free to anyone with a smart phone 24 / 7. Health stakeholders are encouraged to contribute media which is relevant to local residents. We will soon offer course material such as video lessons for students who are completing accredited training.


Supporting the community with local and regional communication.  So much media is made which ends up collecting dust. Media Hub allows for regular updating with current events and messages. Young people will be able to watch their favorite bands and football games and learn practical skills. Success of this device depends both on community interest and stakeholders involvement.