Media Hub can be tailored to suit your brand and audience.

When people logon to the Media Hub Device they will see your logo and information and then can download any files you choose to share.


As a Media Hub stakeholder you can contribute media to ensure it is always available in the key area. You can also hang an A4 poster near the device that advertises the file/s. If you create your own device, you will be able to take it to the community, plug it in and add or remove files you wish to share at any time.


We offer a free consultation service where we assess your needs and brand in order to create the perfect Media Hub device or to ensure your media is available on an existing device. please book a consultation through the links below. 

The services we offer include:

-Supply of Media Hub devices 

-Customisation of devices to suit your brand and needs

-Supplying  and sourcing media for the device

-Workshops to create media in communities on important subjects

-Offering internet access to users via the device (if available in community)

-Selling space on devices to stakeholders and advertisers (subject to local approval)

-Creating devices that sell media such as music (password protected)

-Including a solar panel for use in places without power such as tourist locations